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A Start of an ongoing journey

Wellcome to our home page that will serve as a information point for all: in person & digital events, publications, and exclusive offers concerning the activities of LobeliaHeal. Through the tools of movement, yoga, breath and meditation practices & one to one sessions of manual therapy we provide services that helps our patient establish relationships to their own healing potential. This launch is the starting point of a journey that have been going on since a long time but only recently starts to be shared with the "outside world". Many years of working with the body and mind though numerous perspective points and various approaches now commes together in the creation of LobeliaHeal. The long term goal is to be able to give support and guidance concerning all aspects of our beeing, physical, emotional, behavioural and most important a functional method torwards balance and joy. We recognise that health and purposes is much bigger and complex then numbers on a chart or superficial confirmation by external authorities therefor we will all so explore the artistic and creative needs of our beings in an effort to nourish our souls.

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