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Study of Osteopathic Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis.

Welcome! Here you can participate in a study on osteopathic manual therapy for plantar fasciitis. We appreciate your interest and participation. Scroll down to fill out the form and start the process. The page also contains brief information about what osteopathy means, to give you a better understanding of the treatment method. Thank you for being here!

What does your pain look like? 


Back pain decreases with movement, worsens after standing or at the end of the day?


Sharp heel pain in the morning or after sitting?


Upplever du en punktspecifik smärta i fotens botten, nära hälen?


Do you limp or avoid putting your heel down to avoid pain?


Difficulty pulling the top of the foot towards the tibia (dorsiflexion)?

Do one or more of the above statements resonate with you? Then you have come to the right place. You should consider participating in our study as a research subjectkers the effect of Oosteopathic manual treatment for plantar fasciitis.
Participating in the study guarantees a free consultation and treatment in Osteopathic manual therapy.
Start by filling out the form below to see if you can take part in the study.


BW 03 occipital release.jpg

How can manual osteopathic treatment relieve my pain?

Manual osteopathic treatment can be effective for people with plantar fasciitis because of its holistic approach. This treatment focuses on improving joint mobility and muscle function, which can relieve strain on the plantar fascia. Additionally, osteopathy emphasizes the context of body systems, potentially addressing underlying issues that contribute to plantar fasciitis. By improving overall biomechanics and circulation, osteopathic treatment can reduce inflammation and promote healing in the affected area.




If you want to take part in this study, the best way is to fill out the form above.
If you have questions or want more information, please call me or send me an email.

+46 (0) 76 171 23 47

Bachelor of Science in Osteopathic Science. Issued byUCO        University college of osteopathy

administered by AIMOAccademia italiana medicina osteopathica

uconducted at SICO
i knowinternationalonal college of osteopathy
autumn 2023 - 2024

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